People buy from people. Carefully selected field staff or Brand Ambassadors (as we like to call them) will represent your company and provide an “Ambience” for your brand through their own persona and character.

Ambience Brand AmbassadorsWe have over 5,000 Brand Ambassadors in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland managed by a nationwide team of 8 Regional Managers. Our Brand Ambassadors have varying skill sets and experience and come from all walks of life. Our Regional Managers will select and recruit the most appropriate Brand Ambassadors that will best deliver your objectives.

Our quality in the field is second to none. Our Brand Ambassadors enjoy working for Ambience FM. They are enthused and motivated to carry out client activity to the best of their ability. They know we will work with them to get the job done. Most of all they are treated with respect and are not just another payroll number. Brand Ambassadors are the core of our field marketing agency and we take the time to nurture our most treasured resource and yes we do pay them well!