Field Marketing and Brand Experience – Electrolux brand building in John Lewis

Posted on 24. May, 2013 by in Field Marketing Blog

Last year Electrolux, the manufacturer of electrical appliances (under their own brand, as well as AEG, Zanussi and John Lewis’ own brand) called upon Ambience Field Marketing to work with a team of brand ambassadors who would be responsible for promoting its products to consumers within the John Lewis stores.

Electrolux wanted to offer person to person information, so that potential customers could ask questions and get advice on their range of products. Electrolux hoped that by helping customers to find the right products to meet their requirements, the brand ambassadors could provide good customer service which in turn would increase sales.

Ambience took on responsibility for the team and provided them with a 2 week intensive training programme which covered both marketing and a comprehensive understanding of the Electrolux range. This included knowledge about dish care, laundry, cooling and cooking. Following the training, the ambassadors were sent out into the John Lewis stores located across the UK, including Bristol, Edinburgh, Cardiff and London.

Once in store, Ambience Field Marketing offered the ambassadors on-going support and motivation; we’ve encouraged team building and monitored the progress of each member of the team.

A year on and the result of our work with this team has been very positive for all involved. Electrolux have benefitted from increased sales figures, the brand ambassadors have received sales-related bonuses and John Lewis had well informed people on hand to support their high customer service standards.

By investing in quality field marketing services, your business could also be reaping the benefits of engaging directly with potential clients. Ambience was born out of 20 years in the field marketing business. We use our wealth of experience and expertise to deliver high quality, cost effective solutions to meet our client’s objectives.

We have specialist teams who work on areas such as mystery shopping services and retail merchandising. By carefully matching specific skill sets with the requirements of each client Ambience will breathe life into a brand.

Whether you are a global brand such as Electrolux, or a small company with a niche product, Ambience can help build your brand presence in store. For further information on field marketing and brand experience please contact us

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