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As featured in Field Marketing Magazine – Summer 2009

Raj Nagji, a well known face in the FM industry has announced a successful first 6 months trading for his new agency Ambience Field Marketing. Raj has become a key industry figure through a dedicated career in the industry at all levels.  He has bridged the gap between his direct sales and merchandising experience in the field and consequent leading of head office client services for The Blue Water Agency.

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Raj parted company from The Blue Water Agency towards the end of 2008. The Blue Water Agency, long held in high regard as a key player in FM circles, was forced into liquidation in May this year following the demise of parent company Jenks. This demise has been seen by some as indicative of a malaise that is striking agencies that specialise in tactical field marketing for the grocery sector, but there is evidence that shows that new opportunities are emerging. Ambience is a part of that evidence. The agency has started out with modest but achievable growth ambitions based on a network of 8 experienced regional field managers and their long term understanding of how to work with the best available field representatives. Raj is well aware of the difference that a skilful individual can make. “The brand Ambience is first and foremost a people brand” he says, “Our people sell themselves first and then make an impact for the client brand”.

This is certainly especially important when making a new impact for a brand that few in the UK currently know. Ambience has been sending out engaging brand representatives for a new entrant into the energy drinks market Quick Energy, a product developed buy the US company Viva Beverages. It is a drink with many USPs, a shot of energy rather than a sugar drink and is pitched as a low calorie long-lasting energy boost together with antioxidants that are not found in coffee.

A three week campaign has seen the Ambience sales team establish a wholesaler network for the product securing more than 560 in-depth sales visits with senior decision makers.  The Ambience sales team has used a variety of FM techniques to prove the worth of the product including in-store sampling.

This is an example of a new agency using the combined experience of its directors to bring new business into FM with the potential to drive a strategic partnership for years ahead. Raj is joined by Paul Southgate who is looking after key accounts at Ambience. Southgate brings 25 years of experience of a career focused on the FMCG supply chain, from manufacturer through to store. Southgate has spent much of his career with Blue Water’s parent company Jenks where he managed teams selling to wholesale and independents. He also worked at McCormick, the brand owner chiefly known for its Schwartz Herbs & Spices range, where he was in charge of the field merchandising operation.

The Ambience team plan to underpin future strategies with flexible IT solutions using IVR and Internet reporting and options on handhelds for real time reporting from the field.

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