Field Marketing: breathe life into your brand

Ambience Field MarketingBorn out of 20 years in the field marketing business, Ambience delivers a high quality, cost effective solution to meet client objectives and also seeks to exceed client expectations.

By matching specific skill sets required for each client activity, Ambience provides “the people element” to breathe life into your brand – thus creating an “Ambience”.

Whether you need to create brand presence on shelf or at the point of sale, engage the hearts and minds of customers through sampling and experience or, in the first instance simply ensure that your brand is available for sale, Ambience can help build your brand presence in store.

Merchandising & Installations

The Retail environment is fragmented and, more often than not, agreements at head office level are not implemented at local store level. Ambience can help give your brand presence in store

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Sales & Distribution

Sales, distribution and volume is vital to any business in the retail environment. We offer several options tailored to our clients’ needs ranging from simply suggesting what should be ordered in store to physically delivering products and collecting cash on behalf of our clients

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Monitoring & Compliance

Retail is driven by customer experience. Business Managers need to ensure that minimum standards are being met, processes and controls are being adhered to, and customer service levels are being exceeded. First impressions count and in today’s fiercely competitive world “moments of truth” play a major part of the customer experience.

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Direct Customer Contact

To gain brand awareness, encourage trial and build brand loyalty it is key to engage with the hearts, minds and emotions of your consumers. This can take place in many forms, with simple information/offer leaflets to full demonstration of the intricate workings of your brand/product.

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Field Marketing Essentials

The ingredients of a good quality and successful field marketing company is to have the essential elements to service client activity. The two major factors that contribute greatly to success are field staff and reporting.

A happy, motivated and enthused field force will deliver client activity to the quality and levels required.

The data and reporting provided enables clients to make informed decisions based on both quantative and qualitative data provided.